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In sex, sexual fantasies occur in both men and women to the same extent and whoever says otherwise is possibly lying. Sexual relationships are not two plus two, four, but there is a lot of diversity and many ways to play and fully enjoy sex. As a luxury escort agency, we are dedicated to deliver the most common fantasies to our blue-chip clients with less consumed and even blossoming escorts…
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One of the most common sexual fantasies is to have sex with more than one person but it requires special consent of the woman who will have so many dicks inside. Whether it is a threesome, or many more, group sex has always appealed to human beings, especially because they are not usual and because you want to have greater stimulation when having sex. It could be said that if you are enjoying this stimulation with one woman, with two or three you could already reach the peak of pleasure. There are many people who confirm that human beings are not monogamous and that it is a way of organizing society, and that this is attested to with fantasies like this one. As the luxury escort agency, we cherry-pick escorts that will give the privilege.
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Although BDSM has existed for centuries, although perhaps not under this term, it is true that it came to light with the 50 Shades of Gray saga, in which a man occupies the dominant role in the relationship while the protagonist must to abide by each and every one of the rules that are dictated. In reality, BDSM with escorts can be much more complete than what we see in the movie or read in the books, since it fulfills more functions and the fun can come in many ways.
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The tension and morbidity of getting caught when you are having sex is what many people feel every time they want to have a sexual fantasy of this type. The professionals at Loveawake tell us that it is common for many people to want to experience what it is like to have sex on the street itself, when it is night or even during the day in a small corner or alley. The adrenaline that it generates in our body makes us feel the relationships we are having much more, being more intense, especially because there is enormous morbidity in sex in public places. In addition to the fact that it feels like it is being done something forbidden, something that cannot be done and for this reason, it is much more striking and most people want to try it even once in their life.
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You have difficulty building a relationship and get deprived of a sexual one? Do you maintain a series of social norms in which you must meet the couple’s friends, or even in some cases the parents themselves and hate that you do it for the sake of sex? It can overwhelm certain people and going for our escort girls like blonde escorts or anal escorts may give the ultimate pleasure you are pursuing. For this, there are open relationships, in which you are with someone regularly but both members of the couple can have separate sexual relations. If you have been starving for that reach out to our high-class escorts agency now!
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Sex with strangers is one of the fantasies that usually attracts more attention. That is one of the main reasons why many people go to the best night clubs to meet posh girls with whom they can have a date and a one-night stand. Sex with people you do not know is a good method to enjoy without limits, no matter where or when. Simply focusing on your own pleasure is not always possible, though as such women may consume all your money without giving the cookie! Here our luxury escort agency comes into play with by raising the excitement and sexual desire you need.

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