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Some suave recommendations for anal escorts that will help you treat anus as a something precious rather than an indefatigable sex organ.
Read these 10 recommendations if you would like to indulge our anal escort services.
Sex with anal escorts is one of the experiences that provokes the most intense sexual fantasies in amorous men and women. It is a simple practice to perform, which does not require great amative knowledge but does require a series of steps so that the enjoyment is total in both people. For those who want to have a very gratifying and passionate experience, we are going to provide you with the 10 commandments of anal sex with which you will be able to enjoy a lot in a completely different ways and that we assure you will want to repeat later.
Use lubricants with Anal Escorts
One of the most necessary elements when practicing anal escort sex is lubricant, as it will help make penetration smoother and more pleasant. One of the affirmations that experts in this practice usually make is that it must give a slippery sensation, which is introduced slowly, calmly. It should be remembered that the vagina usually has a natural lubrication that the anus does not have, so we must provide it.
Take it easy
It is essential that in sex with anal escorts that you are not a hydro pneumatic drill and it must be done very calmly and with great care so that this area cannot be damaged. If it is done with a lot of force or with a lot of pressure, there is a risk that fissures will occur inside the anus that will bleed and could even become infected. Therefore, it is recommended to start little by little, even using before inserting the penis, anal dilators with which you are going to feel the experience of anal sex in a very different way so that you can have a smooth intercourse.
Do not give pure pain, give painful pleasure
If it hurts, it means that you are not letting your partner enjoy and therefore, you should stop. Remember that you do not have to get everything in the same session, since you will surely have the opportunity to continue having anal escort sex with this person for more times. For this reason, if you feel pain, it is best to stop and continue another time, when their body is ready.
Use protection
Protection is essential, even if it is your lifelong partner; it is recommended that you use a condom to prevent infections with anal escorts. Despite what you may see in the triple X movies or the experiences that you have been told, it is recommended that you use a condom so that you can avoid sexually transmitted diseases as the feces have many bacteria that can cause infections.
Different condoms for anal and vaginal sex
Few clients want to save on their sexual enjoyment using the same condom for anal as vaginal sex. This is a serious mistake that can cause large infections in the vagina for women, so if you are going to have vaginal sex after anal, you will have to remove a condom to put on a new one, thus avoiding possible health problems.
Heat the area with your fingers
Concupiscent foreplays are important with anal escorts and stimulation of the area near the anus, the perineum or the anus itself, will help the person who is going to receive penetration to relax and enjoy much more. For this to happen, it must be warmed and excited so that the muscles loosen and penetration is easier. This must be done either with erotic toys such as dilators or with the fingers themselves.
Practice anal escort sex with hygiene
The fecal matter can remain in the conduit even hours after having defecated. On the other hand, we recommend that you forget about the use of laxatives or enemas, since, they can cause many health problems when used in the wrong way.
Keep a towel or sanitary wipes nearby
In the same way that you have to keep your area clean and hygienic, avoiding the use of laxatives, you also have to take into account that there is a possibility that you stain yourself, stain the other person. Therefore, use a towel under you and have sanitary wipes nearby, in case it could happen.
Review the best postures
Just as vaginal sex has many different positions that can help you enjoy your intimate relationships to the fullest, you will also find others in anal sex that will make penetration easier and that can give you more pleasure in order to reach a more pleasant and lasting orgasm.
Experiencing it with the anal escorts you know
Finally, sex is something wonderful, but in the case of anal sex, we advise you to enjoy it with someone you trust. You should assure that you know that if it hurts and they can say it outright. When doing this type of practice you can find yourself in all kinds of situations. So, it is better to practice it with someone who gives you confidence and security so that you can mutually relax.
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